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MicroChem Solutions was established in March 2000 in Tracy, California with a primary goal to develop and market microfluidic devices and tools for low cost and high throughput bioanalysis. Our current products include: low-priced microchips, economy HV power supplies, ultra-high quality coated capillaries/chips, zero dead-volume injectors, zero dead-volume crosses/tees, replaceable CGE gel (super-GelTM), capillary SDS-PAGE kits. In addition, we also provide microfabrication, ultra-high quality coating and analytical consulting services to a wide range of customers in educational communities, governmental organizations and biotech companies. Since November 2008, MicroChem Solutions has moved to Norman, Oklahoma.

Contact Information

Address:   MicroChem Solutions
  212 Tisbury Road
  Norman, OK, 73071
Tel:   1-405-921-5866
Fax:   1-405-366-8448
Email:   contact@microchem-solutions.com


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